Our Story

Living in Japan during the early 2000’s,  B and Yayoi took the opportunity to travel and research developing the concept for the  Butterfly Shop’s inception. Early versions of the store were proven in Japan but it wasn’t until their return to Australia in 2010 that B & Yayoi were compelled to truly express and the Butterfly Shop was established. 

Now married and with a young family B & Yayoi lavish the lush Nth Queensland and like most up this way enjoy the rainforest, beaches and tropical islands whenever possible. “Our hope is to give our customers a truely honest experience, a genuine feeling of contentment and the desire to return in the near future”.
We found it challenging at first to create an environment colourful and fun for a family experience yet sophisticated enough for a couple sipping cocktails, we believe we have captured the ambience and are constantly striving to improve our in-store environment.